I recently returned from a fabulous long weekend away in Calgary. I went there to see friends, relax, and see old sights. It’s been a while since I have been to Calgary, perhaps as far back as 2009 or 2008? I admit it, I try to avoid returning to the city, as though I believe it is the “city” that caused my troubles, but in reality it wasn’t the city. It was me, my situation, and I chose to dislike a city versus deal with the issues I needed to deal with directly.

I am so glad I went to Calgary. I was able to leave that dislike, discomfort, and dis-ease of how I felt about being there a long time ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed the moments. My friends are strong supporters. They are champions and cheerleaders. They are outdoorsy, motherly, hilarious, creative, writers, photographers, and seekers. They are women I have come to admire in so many ways and I was so glad to see each of them happy, and in their place. I was able to be with them exploring the mountains and the city streets, and not feel like I was constantly looking over my shoulder. For what? I don’t really know.

In my yoga class this week the instructor spoke about courage. She said it takes courage to overcome anxiety and the anxieties we have are fears of the past or fears of the future. I reflected about my trip to Calgary as she said this. I didn’t have one sense of anxiety when I was there, and I truly believe it was because I was able to let go the fears of the past and the fears of the future- or that fear of looking over my shoulder. Sometimes it takes a small ounce of courage to take a step forward without reflecting or being fearful of the past.


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