Mindfulness- it’s whispering

The theme “mindfulness” has been swirling in my mind and my life this past weekend; from an email my Dad sent, to random photographs I have found on other blogs, to my yoga class that focused on mindfulness and awareness of the choices we make each morning. As Oprah says, you often hear words of wisdom as whispers and then those whispers become louder and eventually you can’t HELP but listen to them.

Like many of you, I work at a computer all day…. and I have about 10 browser tabs open at one time. I constantly “multi task”- thinking I am doing the right things, but often rush from one task to another without really thinking or being mindful of what I just did. I wake up to an alarm each morning, get in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, watch a little bit of Ellen, brush my teeth and swiftly head out the door. My mornings fly by and to be honest I think if someone asked me what I did in the morning, I would have to stop and think about it. My mornings are about as routine as the drive to work. Some mornings I pause at my destination and think “how the HECK did I get here”?

I am fascinated by stories of people being able to live in the moment. Or stories of people who meditate each morning or journal at the end of each day. I am fascinated by these simple yet utterly difficult ways of mindfulness because I find it so hard to be mindful of what I am doing, and yet because I know this, I am working on this.

I recently bought a book (still waiting for it to arrive) called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.  I bought this book for two reasons.

1. Because I am an extrovert and frankly I think I could learn 1 or 2 things from introverts, and

2. Because Jeff is an introvert and although there are times when I find this frustrating, I absolutely LOVE this part of his personality.

To me, introverts are fascinating. Jeff, as an example, is completely comfortable in his own company. When he works on a task at work, at home, or in training he is focused. He is not a multi-tasker and each activity he pursues he does so mindfully.

Another whisper came to me yesterday when my Dad forwarded an interesting podcast from NPR called “Be Here Now: Meditation for the Body and the Brain“. In the podcast, researchers from Oxford University discuss the brain and body benefits to the practice of mindfulness. If you have 22 minutes, sit back and listen.

…and finally, I came across this fabulous piece of artwork by Wendy McNaughton– a reminder everything that has happened, has happened, and that everything that will happen, will happen; but what matters is that small in between spot. The sweet spot, called TODAY.

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