Sunday reading

I often pass on links to articles, blogs, and photographs to friends and family and because I find myself with some extra time this Sunday morning, I thought I would share some of my weekly favorites. Enjoy reading, listening, watching, and looking while having a morning cuppa.

Absolutely fascinating art work created by Rob Ryan in the UK. If I had the patience, this would be really fun.

I loved reading this post and especially its title “Simple Pleasures”. Makes me want to dust off the journal and get writing again.

Rachel, from Funnelcloud studio and a native of Annandale, VA “Go Cougars”, is quite possibly the most creative person I know. Check out her DIY Rope Bowl.

All I can say about this post, is Amen Brotha!

I love love love this idea. Creating a video for Christmas. This family has really outdone themselves, but it is amazing. via

A neat idea in NYC… Haiku Traffic Signs. Wonder how they are working out?

And finally, I came across this fabulous quote. I am considering taping it to my chest and wearing it everywhere I go. :)

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