state of being lately

Sometimes having a blog can be tough. There are a number of personal things that I keep to myself, which I think is key when writing a blog, but I think it often masks the true person.  However, I don’t want to reveal too much. There are some things best reserved for family, close friends, and confidantes. But here is the truth, I am not always cheery, not always able to pass on words of wisdom or great quotes, and I don’t always feel in control. But in the end I think that is what makes us human. We all have flaws, worries, anxieties, fears…

Lately I have been dealing with a lot of internal anxiety and worry. I am not entirely sure where it is coming from and trying to pinpoint it is the hard part. My anxieties and worries really come from my own thoughts that gradually manifest themselves into something larger. Trust me, it ain’t fun.

But, I have started to write down “trigger” points of anxiety which I won’t divulge, but they have helped me in identifying ways to alleviate the anxiety. For example I have written down a few things that I believe will help me out.

1. Schedule in time for ME throughout the week. Whether it be a yoga class, reading, going for a solo walk… it’s the ME time that is important. Even 30 minutes a day. So I have slotted that in to my daily schedule.

2. Meditation. I have talked about meditation before and I really am a fair weather meditator. As in, I rarely do it :)  So, I downloaded a recommended app “Simply Being”- one that offers 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, and 20 minute meditations. The goal is to try to do at least 10 minutes of a guided meditation each morning.

3. Email. As my family will tell you I am a CONSTANT communicator… I have a knee jerk reaction to email. I receive an email and feel that I need to respond immediately, provide that instant feedback or response. I have decided to check my personal email only twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I am not sure how long this will last, but I am hoping that it helps.. baby steps.

4. Exercise- especially outdoor exercise. I always feel great after going for a fast paced walk through the woods and I have decided to make this more of a priority. I tend to default to the gym because of the weather- it’s too cold, or wet, or … again, it’s the excuses. But, I do realize that when I get outside, I feel much better. Fresh air, clear mind.

Those are a few of the strategies I hope to employ. I really do need to LET GO of a few things, loosen that feeling of needed control, and really just be present.

I hope this isn’t a debbie downer of a post. But it’s where I am at right now… and I thought I should share. You never know who is reading and who might benefit.

Have a great weekend. Full of gratitude, thanks, and hopefully some YOU time.


5 thoughts on “state of being lately

  1. I so appreciate this post, A. I actually drafted a very similar entry awhile back, so you’ve inspired me to finish it and post it soon (and maybe link to yours if you don’t mind:)). Hope you’re having a lovely, zen weekend. Xx


  2. You are so me. I hear you and can replicate every word and your feeling at times a bit out of control. Set your priorities. give yourself “me” time, and limit the empolsiveness. Thank you for writing this blog.


  3. I loved the post too, and am reading it from Calgary, while the snow falls, with a cup of coffee. Thanks for the reminder to be present :) xoxo


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