For those who don’t know I am American and Canadian. I was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in an American household.  Although I now reside in Canada, the gift of dual citizenship is something I am very grateful for and am very happy my parents persued in our upbringing. When it comes to being American there are many moments where I identify whole heartedly with the American spirit.

One such time is American Thanksgiving. I can remember the first year I wasn’t around the table at our Thanksgiving dinner on King Richard Dr. I was 18 years old, in my first year of University, and aside from the moment my Mom and sister dropped me off at residence, it was the second most profound homesick feeling I had ever felt.

I wanted to be there. Surrounded by family, eating Turkey, watching football, catching up on family gossip, and giving thanks around the table. Each year I still feel that pang of homesickness around Thanksgiving. But, I don’t feel sad about that feeling, I am grateful for it. I am grateful that my family and friends mean so much to me in my life. that I have great memories of American Thanksgivings in all parts of the world, and that I know one this day many of my family members are gathered together with their loved ones sharing stories, food, and laughter.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and family. This Love Thursday is dedicated to the gratitude of Thanksgiving.




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