What I have learned from my 30 day yoga challenge

I am on day 25 of my 30 day yoga challenge. I decided on October 1 to practice yoga for at least 20 minutes everyday and so far I have managed to keep that promise to myself. There are days when it has been difficult to find the time to fit 20 minutes of yoga into my day, but once I have completed the practice I really do feel slightly more centred, relaxed, and flexible.

"Om" Flickr Credit: Raios de Luz - Gláucia Góes'

Here are some things I have learned during my 30 day yoga challenge:

1. Finding a good GREAT yoga studio to practice yoga is vitally important. I have found a studio near my home that is so awesome, friendly, supportive, and peaceful. I love that they know me by name when I walk into the studio, it feels so welcoming.

2. Two words. Rodney Yee. When a class doesn’t fit into my schedule I almost always go straight to Rodney Yee’s yoga video. I’ve learned that it is important to also find a favorite online yoga class that you can connect to at anytime – when traveling or at home.

3. Breathing. As a kid I was anxious and a worry wart… and yes I have continued that fabulous attribute into adulthood. My Mom has always told me to just sit back and breathe. As a kid I thought that was ridiculous and often stormed off in frustration wondering “HOW THE HECK is that going to solve my problem”? Through the 30 day yoga practice I really do believe that a few deep breaths can calm the mind, relax the shoulders, and relieve a bit of tension/anxiety.

4. Yoga can be practiced anywhere. I have been able to squeeze yoga into my day by practicing at the office, at a friend’s home in their living room, and at the gym.

5. Flexibility. I am not sure I have become more flexible in my practice, but it feels great to get a good stretch in.

6. I am NOT into Hot Yoga. I went to a few (7) Bikram Yoga classes and sweat like a mo’fo throughout the entire practice. I love sweating, but man it was intense. I decided to stop going when I continued to feel like I was going to vomit throughout most of the poses.

7. Support. There are support devices at the yoga studio that I use regularly, for example the block. What I learned is that even when you do something regularly and with determination, we all need a little support to help guide us through the rest of the journey.



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