love thursday: restful weekends

After last night’s post that highlighted the extreme frustrations I am experiencing with not having a certain key work on my laptop… I decided to sit back, down a glass of wine, do some yoga, and reflect on gratitude. I used to have a gratitude journal when I was 15, yes… just the same time that Oprah announced her gratitude journaling. I remember watching her show and thinking what a great idea it was to write a gratitude list, especially when you are feeling low, sad, vulnerable, upset, and self-conscious. And, as a 15-year-old girl in a new high school I was feeling all of those things.

I am really grateful for the time I spent this past weekend with wonderful friends. I loved our time of relaxation, laughter, wine drinking, movie watching, football cheering, and eating. The most relaxing moments, for me, are when I am surrounded by loving family and friends, people who are naturally easy to be around, the kind of people you who don’t care that you leave their company to go take a nap part way through the day, or who go with the flow and can read the energy of the group. The energy, this past weekend, being lethargic and restful.

Here are a couple of photos from this past weekend; you will notice I didn’t take one couch surfing (which truth be told is a generous term for what we did) photo.




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