life your authentic life. an interview with kaileen elise.

Have you ever come across someone on the net and wondered “hmmm.. I wonder what they are like? I would LOVE to sit down and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine with this person”? That is exactly how I feel when I read Kaileen Elise’s blog entries from Make Every Day Extraordinary. She is soulful, warm, kind, funny, creative, and true to herself. I am so excited to share her interview with you today.

1. Can you share a bit about yourself?

Kaileen Elise believes that every day can be extraordinary. She is a collector of inspiration. Lifelong yogini, former collegiate athlete & aspiring runner. She makes playlists and writes creative weekend to-do lists. When Kaileen’s not dreaming, setting goals or seeking small adventures, you can find her snuggled up with a good book and a cup of tea.

2. How do you define authenticity?

Authenticity is showing up with an open heart. Knowing what matters most, recognizing this will be different for all of us. It is living with a genuine spirit and a hunger to learn.

3. Can you describe the path you took to get to the place where you are today? As in, how did you find your calling?

I am still in pursuit of my calling – and I trust that as my journey unfolds, the work I am meant to do will become clear to me. Life is a series of transitions, and my path has been just that. My family moved around a lot growing up, which has provided me with plenty of experience in being “the new girl.” I was a dedicated athlete for many years, and through that experience I learned the importance of intentional practice and goal setting. Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I have a confidence in standing on my own. Yet, I am more aware than ever of all the things I do not know and my hope is to have a long road ahead of me to continue learning.

4. How does your current career and creative journey reflect your authentic self?

I have a curious, creative and detail-oriented nature. I believe that quality matters and that life is more enjoyable with fresh flowers nearby. My career and creative journey intertwine, even when my days were spent within a cubicle. I infuse my environment with ideas, messages and things that make me happy, so I can be more present within my work. The same is true when I sit down to blog, tweet or “play” on Pinterest.

5. How do you ensure that you maintain your own authenticity, when often it can be a struggle?

Maintaining my own authenticity is easier when the sun is shining. When storms roll in, I try not to think of authenticity as a struggle. I’ve learned that focusing on challenge brings about more challenge. Instead, I do my best to understand that there’s more good than evil, more laughter than sorrow, and more magic than raindrops. When I feel lost or lonely, I try to live with an open heart. I also wear a bracelet that has, “live with intention” inscribed on it. This serves as a subtle reminder to appreciate the moment.

6. For people struggling to find their own authenticity, what advice can you offer?

Journal. Take naps. Keep words of wisdom close. Find time to be alone. Get quiet. Make space. Listen to your inner voice (the sweet & wise one). Try new things. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Make a vision board. Breathe.

7. If you had to use one word to sum up your year, what would that be and why?

Transformative. This year has been filled with surprises, booby traps, tears and sparkle. I’ve been walking on gravel, rolling around in the mud and swinging from tree to tree. I’ve learned that intention and goals help to set us on course, but if we want to travel down a paved road, we must take action and gather the resources to lay down the pavement.

8. Where can we find you in the world?

Twitter – @kaileenelise / Blog – / Pinterest –

Kaileen Elise
make every day an extraordinary adventure


Kaileen Elise, thanks so much for participating in the series. If YOU would like to take part in the interview series or know someone who you believe truly lives an authentic life, please send me an email: amanda[dot]coolidge[at]gmail[dot]com.


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