revisiting life lists.

While in Tofino last weekend, my friends and I discussed life lists or bucket lists or mondo beyondo lists… whatever you call them, we talked about them.

Since that conversation my friend Rhiannon has sent all of us her life list via email and others have stared to trickle in. To say that these lists are AMAZING just isn’t enough to describe the dreams and visions of these lovely ladies. What I love about my girlfriends is that they dream BIG. From learning another language to making their first million by the age of 33 (!), these ladies are inspiring to say the least.

I love life lists. I make them more than once a year and as I was pondering my updated life list, which is still in the works, I decided to seek out some old journal entries for life lists I have made in the past. This one is my favorite. A life list that was made while I took the Mondo Beyondo course.

The quality isn’t great, but I hope you can read them.

Have you re-visited your old life lists?

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