love thursday: indian summers

The first time I heard the term Indian Summer was at my friend Emily Ludden’s house. She and her family owned or rented (can’t remember) the movie “Indian Summer“. I loved that movie. Little did I know that the term Indian Summer actually refers to a late summer, lasting well into the fall. At the time I remember thinking it referred to friends reuniting at summer camp. Ah kid thoughts.

We are enjoying an amazing Indian Summer here in Victoria. The clouds have lifted, the sun is beaming, and we are sleeping with ALL windows and balcony doors open. I love it. I actually feel like we are just starting our summer. Here is what August looked like for us:

1. 8 separate houseguests in 5 weeks (ages ranging from 80 to 1 years old)

2. 4 rental car hires in preparation for houseguests

3. Dinners out (graciously paid for by many guests)

4. Local touring of our beautiful city. We became pretty stellar at the tours at about week 4. You name it, we’ve been there, and can tell you the date it was built.

We loved having everyone come visit. It was truly such a wonderful month of laughter, friendship, and family reunions.

At the end of August Jeff and I went on our own little holiday back to beautiful Prince Edward Island. It was fabulous. Beautiful weather (aside from Hurricane Irene) and great company.

The start of September in Victoria has been sweltering but awesome. It means swimming in the lakes, going for bike rides, eating more ice cream, and continuing to wear summer dresses. I’m kind of okay with the late start of fall.


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