Link love and going off the grid.

My friend, Corinne, emails me daily and in her emails she often asks me to send some blog inspiration her way. I thought that since I was sharing with her, I should also share with you. Here are some favs that are roaming the interweb these days.

Short 20 minute yoga videos? (thanks C!)

I’m printing this out via Susannah Conway

My buddy Corinne’s fabulous blog– great photos and insights.

Hello paint by number! Love this idea and definitely going to give it a try. via Susannah Conway

The amazing power of being present.

Also, Jeff and I have decided to go off the grid this weekend, no phones and no computers. We wanted to escape to a B&B somewhere on the Island or off the Island, but it appears that spontaneity is dead. Everyone books way in advance. Who knew. So we are doing a little stay-cation, without gadgets. Just books, lounge chairs, the lake, paints, and music. Can.not.wait.


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