a tribute to my sister

Today is my sister’s (Emily) birthday. She is 29 years old and is my absolute number 1 best friend in the world. We have embarked on a number of adventures together from living overseas to Kenyan safaris to North American city crawls. Without Emily in my life I would not be the person I am today. Here are some attributes I just love about my lil’ sis:

1. Her motto is “Just DO it”.

2. Has a take-no-shit attitude.

3. Gives great advice and amazing hugs.

4. Listens when I need her to listen and gives advice when I need advice.

5. Always answers the phone or responds to texts.

6. She is an inspiration to me in health, nutrition, and fitness.

7. She is surrounded by wonderful friends.

8. No matter what, she has my back.

9. When people say we look like twins I get a little tingle of excitement because I have always thought she is prettier than I am.

10. She makes me laugh harder than anyone else in my life. Her humor and wit are out of this world.

Happy Birthday !!!

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