A note on laughter, love and friendship

I had the awesome-ist (is that a word?) weekend. I laughed, shared stories, visited, ate great food, and most importantly re connected with a number of life long friends. When I was reminiscing about how amazing it was to have my friends under my roof for one weekend, I realized that the last time I had this many loving friends together was at my wedding. To be honest, I thought that was the only way and only time in my life that that would happen. Perhaps at my funeral, but I choose not to think about that one. I can remember sitting at the head table at my wedding looking out into the crowd thinking “WOW all of the people I love so much in this world are right here in this very room with me”.  Since doing a lot of reflection about my wedding and breakup I now realize that the wedding (for me) was really about the party and about having those people in a shared space. (Mental note: don’t allow that to dictate your future)

So, as you can imagine it was with great happiness that when I gathered with my friends (a % of my friends, because there are others scattered across the globe)- I felt so loved and fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life. And… I didn’t need a wedding to make it happen.

Thanks to Selena, Corinne, Matt, Karalee, Laura, Martin and of course Jeff for being a part of my life and spending a FABULOUS weekend of laughter, love, and friendship together.

Kl, Hew, Corx @ Royal Roads University
Selena and I (18 years of friendship)
Laura and I (my sistah' from another mistah')


And on another note: A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Dad!!  So looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.


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