love thursday: on the verge of something

beautiful saying from a little book Emily keeps in her purse

I have this feeling that I am on the verge of something. A change, an adventure, and a learning journey. For the past couple of months I have been researching, reading, writing, reading more, inquiring, talking to others… all about enrolling in a Coaching program, specifically the Coaching program at Royal Roads University (where I work). Financially it makes sense as I can get some tuition waiver based on my employment. Outside of the practicalities of finances- the boring practicalities that make me dread the idea of going back to school- I feel invigorated when I think of entering the program.

I can feel a passion growing and yet I also pause to wonder if it is the right next move.  How do you know that a leap is the right leap?

For example, here are the thoughts that go through my head when I start to think negatively about enrolling in the coaching program:

1. Why does the world need another Coach when there are so many awesome life coaches, business coaches, transformational coaches, etc out there?

2. What do I have to offer someone if I was their Coach?

3. Is this something that is just of interest to me in this moment, as in right now, or is this something I really want to manifest?

4. If I do take on the coaching program how will this affect my work-life balance?

Randy Pausch stated “Brick walls are there to remind us of what we really want in life”.  These doubts I have are real and I know help me figure out the next step. I guess this Love Thursday is about identifying your dreams, finding your authentic self, determining what your path is, and asking the questions to help you find that path.To be honest, I have been rather proud of my journey in determining if this program is the right fit for me. For those who know me well, you know that I tend to LEAP into things, I dive right in, I am a YES person. With this decision I have noticed that I have been weighing out all of the options, talking with family and friends, coworkers, and program advisers. I want all the information I can gain before I take this leap. As Oprah says “when you know better, you do better”.


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