tough news for a monday.

What do you do when you are told you can’t do the one thing you love anymore?

Think about something that you just love doing, something that makes your heart soar when you engage in the activity and time races and at the end of the activity you feel FULL.

We found out today that Jeff has to stop doing what he loves. He can’t train (bike, run, swim) for the indefinite period. He has been diagnosed with over training syndrome, which apparently is common place for many triathletes. It is often overlooked and unfortunately when that happens the syndrome gets worse with time. The remedy? STOP.

I feel gutted for him. He thrives in being in peak shape. In pushing his physical limits and to know that he has to put aside this aspect of his life for awhile is heart wrenching.

Imagine if you were told that you can’t read anymore? No painting? No playing music? Stop running. Stop seeing friends. Stop writing.

Looking for any suggestions here if someone has experienced over training or chronic fatigue syndrome. For now, I’m researching yoga studios near our house for Jeff, it won’t be the same at all, but at least it’s something.


5 thoughts on “tough news for a monday.

  1. That is terrible to hear!!! I’m so sorry!

    Yoga might help? I find if you have the right mind frame about yoga it will be one of the best, most challenging forms of exercise out there but at the same time the most soothing. Both mentally and physically.

    Does this mean, he can’t go back to his regular exercise ever? *hugs*


    1. Thanks Mel. Yah for now he can’t go back to regular exercise, which is really tough. But here’s hoping a pilates class on saturday will be good!!


  2. Giving up things you love is so hard. Because of my health issues I’ve had to give up a lot of foods that give me comfort… warm cups of coffee, a bubbly fruity adult beverage on a warm day, a fresh bowl of tomato soup. Granted, eating isn’t my life’s joy like getting physical is for Jeff, but there is still this sense of loss and limitation.

    I try to remember that every closed door means there is an opportunity to explore something new that I may not have considered before. Perhaps Jeff will discover new hobbies and talents that he didn’t know he had! Yoga has always been a great outlet for me, and he could even try something like Tai Chi, paddle boarding, and other activities that exercise the mind as much (if not more) than the muscle.

    So sorry to hear this news, and I hope he’s able to keep his chin up and find joy in ways he may not have considered before.


  3. I understand 100% what he must be feeling right now. Just today I was told I can’t run for a minimum of 4 weeks and am in a walking boot. Epic fail! I will be doing yoga and have found with previous overtraining experiences that the meditation helps bring everything into focus!


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