Summer List 2011

Last year I made a summer list. This list consisted of things I REALLY WANTED to do vs. feeling like I should do them. I managed the following “to do’s” on the list. Some were not possible (queue lightning bugs!), others were easy as pie, and some are going on the 2011 list.

Summer List 2010

1. Eat Gelato (like that was a hard one NOT to do. I love gelato. Love love love)

2. Sit on a patio full of sunshine with an ice cold beer. ,(once again… CHECK please!)

3. Ride my bike along the Galloping Goose Trail. (mission accomplished and something I continued to do all year round)

4. Ride my bike to Sidney and stop for Fish and Chips (okay this is a MUST… going on the 2011 list)

5. Swim in a lake. (You bet. Thankfully we live nice and close to a variety of lakes)

6. Try stand up paddling.  (It became a habit last year, wonderful time on the water, peaceful, quiet, and beautiful)

7. Catch lightning bugs. I don’t think we actually have lightning bugs in Victoria, but they always bring back a strong memory of humid summer nights in Virginia. (Okay, I don’t think there are lightning bugs in Victoria, so this is going to be a hard one)

8. Picnic on a beach (YES! Love doing this… and a great reminder to make this happen more for summer 2011)

9. Swim in the ocean. (Wee bit chilly for ocean swimming in Victoria, but I did make it out to the water in PEI!)

10. Wear skirts and shorts. (yes, I was clothed all last summer)

11. Trail running. (this continues and I do still love it. Thanks to my friend Julia we know have a trail running group every Thursday).

12. Naps in the park. ( I don’t *think* I did this. I did nap on the grass by the lake… so maybe that counts).

13. Trip to PEI. (As always, yes. For 32 year beautiful summers I have been going to my favorite place on Earth).

14. Vancouver Island exploration. Day trippin’. (So many awesome memories of day trippin’ and this has continued this summer- Cowichan Valley, French Beach, Thetis Lake, Langford Lake, Saanich Peninsula).

15. Fruit salad.

16. Walk along the beach barefoot in search of heart rocks.

17. Chilled white wine. (once again, twist my arm)

18. BBQ on the balcony. (with the new house came a sweet BBQ, and we have used that thing to the max!!)

19. Listen to music outdoors. (not going to cross this one off just yet… feel like there is still more to be heard)

20. Visit farmer’s markets and buy veg and fruit locally.

Summer List 2011

1. Read novels. The fast read kind of novels.

2. Host friends at our place for dinners where the balcony doors are open, the wine is pouring, and the company sacred.

3. Eat gelato.

4. Ride my bike to Sidney and stop for Fish n’ Chips.

5. Make the perfect summer non alcoholic drink- I’m imagining lots of ice, berries, spritzers?

6. Learn to Surf. (Yah Tofino in September)

7. SLOWWW down.

8. Go to PEI  (tickets are booked)

9. Kayak

10. Have a gourmet picnic on the beach.

11. Listen to music outdoors (Symphony Splash perhaps?)

12. Make a gluten free pie.

I know the list will continue to grow, but for now these are the little things I look forward to this summer.


2 thoughts on “Summer List 2011

  1. I’d love to sign up to support numbers 4 and 11. And perhaps we can add and addendum of ferry to Salt Spring with bikes and ride to Saturday market? That’s tops on my list this summer… running out of time!!


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