internet gems.

As I have mentioned I read A LOT of blogs. I have a routine where I check the blog posts first thing in the morning and I usually try to focus on the blogs that provide insight, inspiration, creativity, and excellent story telling. Sort of gives me the UMPH for the day.

Here are some of the gems I have come across recently- enjoy!

My Balance Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day via A Cup of Jo
This post makes me want to work from 5 pm- midnight, as she does, while living in Paris. Of course for most of you who know me, you know I wouldn’t be able to last that long into the evening. But one can always dream.

Have a ____________ day via Superhero Journal
After reading this post I realized WHY the HECK can’t it be an awesome day?!  Make it awesome.

Want more Energy, Passion, Creativity? via Jennifer Louden
This post really resonated with me because Jennifer describes the link she feels between MOVEMENT and energy, passion, and creativity. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes I come up with my most creative ideas riding my bike, going for a walk, or running outdoors.

Inspired Guest Post- Caiti from Life is a Canvas via Kaileen Elise
Love this guest post by Caiti, her description of finding new eyes in some of the mundane details of life.


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