love thursday: taking the compliment where I can get it

The last couple of weeks I have been feeling quite down about my appearance. Judging, feeling sorry for myself, complaining about my pre-pubescent skin problems (seriously I could be mistaken for a 15 year old girl), fretting over slight weight gain… really it’s been ridiculous. Thankfully I have Jeff to tell me I look great and that I shouldn’t worry so much about my appearance, but still I know it’s my own self confidence that needs a boost.

Last night I went for a run with my running group and I ended up running most of the way with this guy. We chatted throughout the run and really pushed ourselves in the exhausting heat. At the end of the run he said to me ….

Him: “So, the 64 million dollar question is… do you have a boyfriend?”

Me:  “Yes, I sure do.”

Him: “Darn, all the cute ones always do.”

Um, hello…. was I just PICKED UP and COMPLIMENTED on a run?! Yes, yes I was.

So the kicker of the story is that, my casanova *might* have been close to 60-65 years old and he did burp the entire run… but hey, I’m going to take any compliment where I can get it.


5 thoughts on “love thursday: taking the compliment where I can get it

  1. You’re beautiful, active, healthy, and can carry on a great conversation with anyone–who wouldn’t think you’re cute!?!?! That’s the 64 million dollar answer.


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