living your authentic life. an interview with mona mcclelland.

Truth be told, I have never met Mona. Mona is a woman I know through a Facebook group called the Women’s Empowerment Network. I often am drawn to her posts on the FB group, especially her life insights and revelations.

Mona McClelland is a Certified Life Coach, who is trained in Vibrational Medicine, Nutritional Coaching, Rebalancing Therapy, Hands on Healing and Professional Health Coaching with extensive knowledge and experience in Electrical Nutrition.

For a fuller bio you can see her about page on her website:

Can you share a bit about yourself?

I have been on the path to remembering my greatness from my teen years. Something always seemed to be missing and a chronic sadness began to grow inside. In my 20s I was introduced to a spiritual intuitive who helped me begin to remember my joy and my spirit. As life continued to throw me many curve balls in the areas of health and relationships and business, I continued along the path to “remembering” and listening to what I been brought here to do. …..and that is simply to help others remember and live in alignment with their gifts and blessings, and then empowering them to share these gifts with the world.

I live in Victoria BC. I am blessed with 5 children in my life, ages 7 through 20. I have an amazingly supportive partner who is my biggest cheerleader. He, himself, is my daily reminder of deep love and commitment. The children constantly remind me to see the world through new eyes.

How do you define authenticity?

Living congruently with your beliefs and values. Crafting your life script and following it.

Can you describe the path you took to get to the place where you are today? As in, how did you find your calling?

As I mentioned, it all started with a feeling, a sadness, what I now call “resistance” a voice to be listened to… is there to tell you that you are out of alignment with your path…… at the time I did not know that ….I just kept living the life of what ‘I should’ do in order to live life in my family of origin. I wanted very much to be accepted, loved, and be “a good girl”…..lots I could go into there but it would take too long for this interview, but essentially life just kept throwing me tough lessons; anorexia, rape, divorce, abuse, business challenges, health crisis’s…….AND all the tools and mentors I have needed to learn, grow, heal, forgive and remember who I truly am:  A loving spirit, who is human, still learning, sharing and teaching.

How does your current career and soulful journey reflect your authentic self?

Well, my mission is to help to eradicate what I coin “a viral epidemic” of people not living their greatest, but living in the confines of their fears.  This is what I did…the hard way I think.  I am a Certified Nutritional Coach and a graduate of Health Coach Training. I am a Certified Life Coach and I spent 20  years of my life standing behind a chair in service to others as a hairstylist, when in actual fact that was my training ground in coaching, mentoring, supporting people and their needs. I’m sure you know what I am talking about, just think about what you have shared with your hairdresser! I have been with people through good times and bad, through birth and death, marriage and divorce….happy times and sad times.  I learned that we need each other, that someone just has to extend a hand in kindness and support ; listen, share, be heard, lifted and a hug helps too.  With all my life experience and training I can help people see what they have forgotten, I can hear what to them has become a whisper and I help them mine for that gold that is still inside them, but they have misplaced the tools to dig it out. I provide the tools…..the gold is theirs.

Who inspires and motivates you to continue your path to being your authentic self?

My children,the love of my life; my sweet, strong, loving man and God.

How do you ensure that you maintain your own authenticity, when often it can be a struggle?

I take time to be still. I have been known to say “I am off to my rock”. This is a physical place that I go to commune with nature and talk with God. I know that if the “sadness” feeling creeps in that there is something I am meant to be hearing….something is happening in my life that is not congruent with my values or my lift script. So I go and be still. It does not always have to be at my rock….but I just have to find a safe place of quiet and then listen.

For people struggling to find their own authenticity, what advice can you offer?

If you are struggling, get help. We are meant to lift each other. Find a trusted friend…ask him/her to tell you everything positive that they see in you.(write it down – look at it every day) Find a counsellor, a mentor, a guide, a coach. You don’t have to do this alone…..ever.

If you had to use one word to sum up your year, what word would that be?


Lastly, where can we find you in the web-o-sphere?


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