love thursday. practice opposite day.

I’m not sure if anyone else ever played the game “It’s opposite day” when they were kids, but my sister and I sure did. We tried (unsuccessfully) to use it to our advantage. When my mom would say “Please do the dishes” we would reply “oh it’s opposite day, so what you really mean is please DON’T do the dishes”. Let’s just say that didn’t fly in our house.

For some reason I woke up thinking about opposite day today. Kind of weird, I know. But, it got me thinking. What if, for ONE day we actually practiced opposite day (well a self-discovery version of it). For example:

Rather than thinking I look fat in this outfit, you think wow this outfit makes me look great!

Rather than thinking work is so slow today I am bored, think my job is amazing and fulfilling and YES there are quiet days, but overall it’s great.

Rather than thinking I shouldn’t eat that lovely chocolate cupcake, think life’s too short NOT to eat the cupcake.

Rather than thinking I should go for that run after work today, think I WANT to go for that run after work today.

I think you get the gist. Seems like a plan today. I kind of need this now, so I’m going to go ahead and do it for today. (Of course I will not try this with work tasks or other areas of responsibility).

On a completely unrelated note, I want to share with you this AMAZING video. Darcy was a Masters student in Intercultural Communications at Royal Roads University (where I work). She decided that rather than write a thesis she would video her thesis. It is long, 27 minutes, but trust me it is so worth it. Darcy profiled four amazing Indonesian women from Bali who defy their cultural norms and honestly and truly LIVE their authentic lives through sport. It is fascinating and inspiring.


One thought on “love thursday. practice opposite day.

  1. Love this twist on backwards day!!! Thank you for thinking of it, and expressing it so whimsically and practically! I’m going to do that now too. Anytime I notice myself making decisions based on fear, I’m going to ask myself what love would do, and do that. :-)


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