love thursday: my dad- a gratitude list.

With Father’s Day approaching I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my Dad and how important he is in my life. All morning I have been thinking about the contributions my Dad has made in my life and I thought the best way for me to express my love for this fabulous guy is to write down a gratitude list for my Dad.

So Dad, here are some BUT NOT ALL, of your qualities and characteristics that I am grateful for….


  • Sound financial advice
  • Enthusiastic love of sports- which has come in handy, for me, when I play Sports Trivia or need to make small talk to someone I just met.
  • Spontaneous nature.
  • Dedication to helping me find the right University. Driving me all over the Eastern Seaboard of the US and Canada to help me figure out where I needed to be.
  • Constant support.
  • Love of the e-card. Thanks to American Greetings I have received tons of e-cards that crack me up.
  • Ability to have FUN. You have taught me so much about being spontaneous and taking pleasure in the FUN of life…. the adventure.
  • Ability to know and understand that going to Pakistan WAS going to be great for our family, even though it didn’t seem like a great idea at the start.
  • Sense of adventure and choosing a career that allowed me to see and experience the world.
  • Friendships. I love the way you maintain such strong friendships and how much you value friends in your life.
  • Love for Mom.
  • Exploration of new found hobbies (virtual flying!)
  • Generosity. In so many ways.
  • Value system that you have passed down to Emily and I… we are who we are because of wonderful parents.


Happy Father’s Day DAD!!


6 thoughts on “love thursday: my dad- a gratitude list.

  1. I’m not sure why I remember this story, as it is probably close to 25 years old, and I’m sure was something your mom told my mom who told me…anyway, I remember hearing that your dad could never remember your home phone number, so whenever he was asked for his telephone number he would just make a number up! Too funny – that always makes me laugh! Happy Father’s Day to your dad!


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