Showcasing the last 3-4 weeks of life

It seems that most of my blog posts, these days, start with the words “I’m sorry I haven’t been around” or “It’s been a long time since I posted”. Well it has. It’s been too long and I have noticed that I feel out of sync without posting something on the blog at least once per week, if not more. It has turned into my little haven where I can write my thoughts, ideas, and feelings down and somehow this keeps me oddly grounded.

I have had a busy couple of weeks. My parents were visiting, which was FABULOUS, and then shortly after they left (within 48 hours) I headed to Nelson, BC for the Spring Educational Technology Group Workshop. It was intense, but oh so fun. It has felt like life is just a whirlwind now, so much happening and not enough time to just take it all in. I am sure many of you go through similar phases in your own lives. It’s been a continuous struggle, for me, to be still, calm, and centered. Try to take one thing at a time and just be. Some strategies I have employed in the last couple of days and when I say “couple” I actually, mean this “ritual” has only been 2 days long :) Anyways- I have allowed myself 10 minutes of silence, while sipping coffee out on our balcony. In a way I would call it meditation, but when I walk out to the balcony with the purpose of meditating I find myself begrudging myself if my mind is still. So now I’m calling it “sitting in silence”. The second thing I have started to do is to continue with a gratitude/intention journal. Sometimes in the chaos of everyday life I forget the minute details of life that I am so grateful for. I also wanted to include my intention for the day in the journal, as a way to get myself centered for the day ahead. Rather than worrying about emails, to do items, and meetings I want to be able to state an intention that will guide me through my day.

Sounds good right?


I nearly lost it this afternoon. But thanks to some inspiring blog posts and friendly emails, all is back on track (whatever that means).

As I was looking through my photos on my IPhone today I realized how blessed and grateful I am for the last 3-4 weeks. Visitors, family, friends, travel, work appreciation, outdoor activity… all of it. Here are some photos of the last 3-4 weeks of my life showcasing my gratitude.

Dad, Mom and I (Yes, they were in mid sentence during this photo)
Beautiful walks along the beaches of Tofino
Starfish at the Ucluelet Aquarium
Stained Glass at Sharon Jones and Dap Kings Concert


The AMAZING energy of Miss Sharon Jones.
Coffee at Oso Negro in Nelson, BC. The best.


Returning Home.
Planting our little herb garden




One thought on “Showcasing the last 3-4 weeks of life

  1. Such a wonderful, HONEST post (with fun and beautiful photos!!). Thanks for helping to keep me centered, too, amiga. And I forgot to reply to your email ages ago…..isn’t Sharon Jones live just phenomenal?? Great stuff.


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