love thursday: home

Holy kabole. It has been a looong time since I have made a post on GotCurls. I am not sure where to start with the post. It’s sort of like seeing a friend who you haven’t seen in ages and the first question they ask is “What’s new?” Umm… well… a lot.

Our biggest news is that we bought a HOUSE! Well not a house-house, but a townhouse, which is way more of a house than we have had in a long time. And let me tell you, it feels pretty darn fantastic to own a piece of property once again. Since moving to BC, a little over 3 years ago, we have gone from rental to rental to rental. Nothing ever felt permanent. We didn’t invest in a lot of decor or home furnishings because, truth be told, it felt like we were in transition and that each structure was never really home.

It’s been almost one week since we moved into our townhouse and each time I walk through our front door I am so grateful. It’s a feeling of being settled and comforted.

Here’s a photo from MLS of the outside of the house, more pictures of the inside to come in a couple of days. (I need to get back into this blog thing, slowly ) :)


3 thoughts on “love thursday: home

  1. Congratulations Amanda! I love the look of your house, it`s beautiful…Hope you have years of happiness there!


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