Love Thursday. Generosity.

Last week I posted about my Ride to Conquer Cancer and the reasons why I needed YOUR help in achieving my goal of raising $2500. Since then I have raised over $2000 thanks to your generosity and I am absolutely thrilled at the response I have gotten. It really means so much to me and knowing how amazingly generous YOU are to the cause makes my heart warm.

In addition to monetary donations I have also been able to secure a variety of gift certificates from various businesses across Victoria for a raffle or a silent auction at the Moss St. Market, May 7. The Moss St. Market opens OFFICIALLY on May 7 and TEAM FINN will be there !  We will be on bike trainers, raising money for Team Finn. There will be face painting and a raffle/silent auction. So LOTS to look forward to.

Back to the businesses that have donated to the raffle/silent auction. I was overwhelmed with the generosity I received from these businesses. Each person I spoke to was more than willing to help the cause, donate a gift certificate. It felt great to be able to leave a phone call with someone and feel COMPLETE gratitude for what they had offered… and thankfully I didn’t have to make a huge sales pitch about the event.

So in closing, to all of you who have donated and supported me in the Ride to Conquer Cancer FINN-raising, thank you so much. Your generosity is empowering.


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