Making a mark

Lately I have been incredibly restless. Feeling anxious, excited, bored, ready to move on to the next thing, and also completely obsessed with anything to do with home decor. I find myself waking up at odd hours of the night thinking about bed linens, kitchen organization, shower curtains, and storage containers. Jeff continually reminds me that we aren’t moving into our new home for another four weeks and that I need to control my level of excitement to maintain a level of sanity.

It’s hard.

For the past three years Jeff and I have been transient. We haven’t stayed in one apartment for more than one year and we haven’t had the feeling of being settled in one place.

This is what excites me. The opportunity to finally put our mark on a home.


2 thoughts on “Making a mark

  1. Oh man, that waiting to get into the new place is the worst/best! Such an exciting time but so frustrating to not just be there. Have fun with it though – I still lie awake at night trying to figure out how to decorate/organize certain rooms in our house – and we bought our place three years ago!


  2. I get it, lady…. I long for a place to settle down in for more than a few months. We moved 7 times in 2010!

    I am hereby validating your rationale for your sleepless nights!!



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