Wayne Dyer- Talk #1 of I CAN DO IT.

Day 1 of the I CAN DO IT Conference began with Dr. Wayne Dyer. If you have ever heard him speak before you know what I mean when I say you feel as though you are in the presence of magnificence. He speaks from his heart and he speaks from what he has learned and what he IS learning. He, like all of us, is in the constant state of learning what it means to be human on this planet. How do we interact with everything that comes our way? How do we deal with the horrific daily news? As many who attended the conference would say, hearing Wayne Dyer speak was well worth the cost of the conference. It could have ended there. Fortunately it didn’t. I learned so much from EACH and EVERY speaker. Their powerful words resonated with me in so many ways. Here are some of my notes from Wayne Dyer’s words (with a few of my own insights, which appear in italics):

You have to find out what your I am is, not necessarily your I DO.

Self actualization- what does this mean? To be self-actualized (according to Jung and Maslow), you are:

1.    Independent of the good of other people. You don’t do things to impress others. You find you passion, your ENTHUSIASM (which in greek means “the god within”) and you act on that.

2.    You are detached from outcome. Do what you do because your heart tells you to. This is YOUR DHARMA. Even after all of this time the sun never says to the Earth… you OWE me!

3.    You have no investment in control or domination of others. You are ego-less.

4.    You see the unfolding of God in everyone AND everything you encounter.

As Carl Jung articulates this body is just a vessel and it is the spirit that guides us. THAT is the real that never changes. Your exterior may change, but NOT your interior. And yet how much emphasis do we put on the BODY. The exterior! Each of us has something to say about our own bodies. We hate something about the physical characteristic, yet it is our VESSEL. It may change, and we need to accept that, but it is our spirit that stays constant.

Keep in mind to just be. We are not a HUMAN DOING, we are a HUMAN BEING. I loved this. It was a huge AHA moment for me. How true? We are in the state of being yet how much emphasis do we (daily) put on the state of DOING? How often do you start a conversation with “… and what do you DO?”

Trust in your magnificence. You have something to accomplish while you are here, there is a candle BURNING inside of you. Not just a flicker.

When you simply go through the motions (of you day, your life, your presence, your relationship), when you try to become something that isn’t you, you are DENIED your ability to MANIFEST. Oh man. This resonated with me so much.

You have to really understand and believe in divine timing. You have to change what you believe to be true. The truth of your limitations. We all have them. We believe we have limits. That we can’t do something, yet you have to be willing to change the concept of yourself.

I AM is the self definition of everything else. When you say I AM, you are opening the door, opening the flow. When you say… I am NOT, I can NOT, I have NOT- you are thwarting and stopping EVERYTHING that lies ahead of you. You have to stop giving power to the outside. Don’t say I will be, say I AM. I love his. Both Jeff and I have been using the I AM sentences each night since I told him about this. We want to be parents. We want to have a family and each night we say I AM a mother or I AM a father. Fingers crossed that this will manifest!

Whatever you want you have to manifest it. Write it down and declare it.

1.    Your imagination is your greatest gifts. Your dreams and what you imagine and manifest WILL show up.
2.    You must live from the end. Start with the I AM and live from it. Believe in the power of your thoughts.
3.    Assume the FEELING of the wish fulfilled. What does it feel like? Believe it and FEEL it.
4.    Give attention to it. I give attention to I AM.
5.    Your subsconscious mind is constantly on auto pilot- change your thoughts so your subconscious is consumed with the I AM thoughts.
6.    The last 5 minutes. The last 5 minutes of your day, what do you want to do with these 5 minutes? Do you want to wallow in the day? Do you want to worry about the possible events of tomorrow? NO. Before you fall asleep manifest the I AM. Be in contentment. Use the last 5 minutes WELL/
7.    Be natural. Whatever you choose MUST feel natural to you.

Where I REALLY got my AHA moment was at dinner when Jeff and I were talking about how similar this is to sports psychology. When Jeff was training for his Ironman last year, he manifested many of these thoughts. He would write out and post on the bathroom mirror “I am an Ironman” “I am crossing the finish line”, etc. He visualized what crossing the finish line would look like, and for many athletes, this is the way in which they visualize success.

For those of you who are interested in Wayne Dyer and haven’t read his material before, you might like to read “The Power of Intention” or “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life“.


One thought on “Wayne Dyer- Talk #1 of I CAN DO IT.

  1. Thanks for posting this info about Wayne Dyer’s presentation.
    I’ve experienced a similar presentation and I agree that he is a very good—very engaging–speaker!
    He has a huge wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and transformational learnings to share!!


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