Love Thursday: The Opera

On Tuesday night I went to the Opera. This was my second Opera experience. The first time I went to the Opera was in 1998 in Spain and I saw “Carmen”. The sur titles were in Spanish so I couldn’t make sense of the entire performance and I wasn’t completely taken with it. I decided to go on Tuesday, with a friend, to expand my boundaries a bit and to see an Opera that I already had some understanding/background of. I saw “La Boheme” and for those who have seen “Rent”, “Rent” is based on this Opera.  I also went to the Opera because a coworker is actually in the Victoria Opera Society and was in this particular Opera. It was great to see her on stage and to see her in a different light- her out of office persona!

So what did I love about the Opera?

  • The crowds of people (mostly older crowd, but loved the mix of ages)
  • The Royal Theatre
  • Pre Drinks at Vista 18 (has nothing to do with the Opera, but it “set the stage” for the night)
  • Beautiful voices
  • Symphonic music
  • Exploring a new art
  • Supporting a coworker
  • Enjoying something new and different to me with a friend

Of course, I also loved this…. (from Jeff’s Facebook Status):

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