the everything room

I would love to be one of those people who have amazing home and studio photo tours posted on their site. To have a room that when you look at it (from a photograph) you think “oh I would LOVE to have that!” Well, honestly I am not one of those people and I don’t have an awesome art room to showcase. I have an everything room. It’s a second room in our apartment that was originally going to be an office/art room but has since become the everything room. Which is totally fine. It’s way more realistic for us to have this space. So despite my initial intention of having it an office/art room it has transformed.

Here is my studio tour:

The art is barely visible in the photograph so I took some close ups of my favorite art supplies:


Acyrlic Paints from Michaels Craft Store
Water colour crayons. LOVE these.



4 thoughts on “the everything room

  1. Remember the art gallery/laundry room/dog room/storage room or Mom’s painting studio/tv room that we grew up with? Seems vaguely familiar… :)


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