Love Thursday: 20 minutes

A few weeks ago my sister, Emily, told me that she was hitting the gym for 15 minutes. I asked her why she was going for 15 minutes and she said it was because it was all she had time for and rather than feeling bad about NOT going to the gym she was going to go for the as long as she had time for. For some reason this sounded like a complete revelation to me. 15 minutes? vs. 30 minutes? Feeling GOOD about going to the gym vs. feeling BAD for not going?

I went into work the next day and suggested to a few coworkers that rather than feeling like going to the gym was a dread why don’t we commit to 20 minutes of cardio for two days a week. We would go Tuesday and Thursday after work and we would commit to doing 20 minutes. You can’t argue with 20 minutes right?

We have kept to this routine for the last 3 weeks and to be fair some days feel like a drag. The gym is right by the parking lot and there are days when I want to casually swing past the gym and walk right to my car. But… then I remind myself that it is ONLY 20 minutes. Everyone has time for 20 minutes right? Plus with 4 or 5 of us committed to it, there is always at least one gym buddy to complain with… oops I mean workout with.

This Love Thursday is to salute those of us that only have 20 minutes in a day to do something active. It might not be a huge sweat-fest but we are committed at least for the next couple of weeks :)


3 thoughts on “Love Thursday: 20 minutes

  1. As one of your 20-minute club, I thank and salute you for your leadership (read: initiating, followed by nagging) on this endeavour. It’s not only good for us physically, but I *enjoy* spending the extra non-work time with everyone who plays along. Tuesday: we’re on!


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