Not saying goodbye to 2010 just yet

Well it’s that time of year again to think about what changes I can make in my life for the year 2011. I rarely make New Year’s resolutions only because I tend to break them. I get excited about the idea of them and then I can’t commit. This is similar to how I am when I sign up for a new spinning or yoga class. I get excited about the IDEA of the class, but after a couple of weeks of the routine of “having” to go to the class and feeling guilty that if I don’t go I am just wasting money, I end up hating the class.

So as I head into 2011 I have decided to concentrate on keeping the routines/things/ways of doing and being that worked well for 2010, and will hopefully work just as well for 2011.

Creativity. In 2010 I began an art journal, set up an art room in our apartment, took an art class, learned to knit, made tons of art cards, and took a gazillion photos. I love being creative and expressing myself in creative ways. I hope to continue this for 2011. Emily bought me an experience gift of attending a glass making workshop in Victoria- something I can’t wait to sink into as 2011 begins.

Athleticism. 2010 marked the year that I decided to work out and be fit for the sake of BEING fit and to be healthy vs. losing weight. I stopped counting calories in and counting calories out and instead took the time to enjoy being fit, running outdoors, rock climbing, and riding my bike to and from work. I wanted to achieve a sub 2 hour half marathon and though it was painful during the experience, it is an accomplishment I am extremely proud of (as many of you probably know if you read the blog).Here’s hoping that awesome feeling of fitness and wanting to be active continues into 2011.

Contentness. I learned a lot this year about contentness. I went through a career roller coaster and decided that enough was enough and I was going to take control of what I loved to do, career-wise, and get back to my area of expertise, education. I also took my partner Jeff’s philosophy, of being content where you are in life, enjoying the moments, and feeling blessed for what treasures surround me in my life (family, friends, a home, health, workplace).

Family. 2010 marked a great year for family gatherings and visits. The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Prince Edward Island, Dallas, TX, and Tampa, Fl. Although I live quite a distance from my family and an even greater distance from Jeff’s family I hope to continue to make the effort to visit each other and make time for family events and gatherings.

Although there are probably a few more things that I would like to keep from 2010 those are the biggest impressions. I have some ideas for 2011 but for now I want to savor the goals achieved from 2010 with the anticipation of maintaining those for 2011.


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