Reverb#10 the prompts I have been neglecting

Leave it to Brene Brown, author of the Gifts of Imperfection (HIGHLY recommend) to come up with the BEST way to do Reverb#10. I have been so swamped lately with life, work, contract work, waking up too darn early, that I was feeling like a complete failure when it came to Reverb#10. I had this lofty goal that I would post a response to the prompts EVERY day. Bah. Who was I kidding? It’s FREAKIN’ December, the busiest time of the year holiday parties, scrambling to get the “right” gift, work duties piling up. But, after reading Brene’s Reverb#10 post I realized, duh, of course I can just post little snippets of the prompt responses. I don’t need to be PERFECT and post paragraphs. I was also struggling with a couple of the prompts that dug deep into my personal space, those that if I answered in full detail might leave me a bit too open and raw.

So here it goes: My Reverb#10 responses to the latest prompts that I have been neglecting.

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

One moment? I feel fortunate to have a series of moments in my year that make me feel ALIVE. But there are three that strike me as the MOST alive .

  1. Half marathon in under 2:00 hours. I have been trying to achieve this goal for quite some time and as I was running the race and knew that I was going to do it, I remember actually thinking WOW I am totally alive in this very moment. My lungs are about to burst, I never want to run in a race again, it’s frickin’ cold out here, and I am going to cross the finish line with my sister.
  2. Traveling to NYC with 5 girlfriends. There is nothing like a group of female friends gathering together to go on a trip. Last year it was Panama and Israel, and this year I went to NYC. The laughter and genuine talks with each girlfriend on the trip confirmed my believe that friendships are in our lives to completely cherish.
  3. Jeff’s Ironman. Although it wasn’t me in the Ironman (thank God), I felt completely alive watching Jeff compete in his race. It was a year-long journey to get to the Ironman and he did it. The aliveness I felt in that moment when he crossed the finish line was complete PRIDE.

How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

Blogging, starting an art journal, moving to a new city, living by the ocean, stretching my boundaries.


What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

Ghosts of relationships past.


What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

In the process of knitting a scarf and I love it. During the day I just can’t wait to get back home to sit and knit.

My knitting project

Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

New friends in Victoria, meeting people through outdoor activities, Twitter (!), co workers, and my professional community.



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