Dec 2. Writing.

December 2 Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

Hmm, interesting question. A lot of times I don’ write out of pure laziness. I default to watching the tube. I come home from work, make dinner and veg out on the couch after a long day. For some reason I associate writing with the computer and often I just want to be away from the screen by the time I come home.  I do know that I write best in the morning. I feel invigorated in the morning, ready to put my creative juices to the test and more willing to take on a daily prompt. As Julia Cameron in the Artist’s Way suggests, write first thing in the morning.

I would say that rather than eliminating anything, I need to be more accountable to my writing. I love writing as a creative and reflective practice. I do know that what I can do is… JUST DO IT, however when pen comes to paper or fingers hit the keys I sometimes pause and have a bit of a creative block. Either I don’t want to reveal too much on my blog and therefore write privately in my journal, or I can’t think of anything creative/inspirational/entertaining to share. Perhaps I also need to eliminate the concern and again… JUST DO IT. If it is too private, use my journal and when creative blocks occur, take a break and find ways to increase my creative thought (read other blogs, draw, take a walk, listen to a podcast, GET INSPIRED!).



2 thoughts on “Dec 2. Writing.

  1. I use; it’s completely private and a great place to flesh out ideas for blog posts and creative work. Sometimes the threat of losing my streak (almost 250 days in a row now) is the only thing that keeps me putting one word after another. But it works for me. I know I’ll feel hideous if I break that streak now… so I write!


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