going gluten free

I recently decided to go gluten-free in my diet. I did this for personal reasons, but my results and findings since going gluten-free can be public. My dad is Celiac and has had a gluten-free diet for a few years now. The disease is hereditary and although I do not have the disease, I do think that gluten affects all of us in different ways. Here are some things I have noticed since going gluten-free:

1. My moods. I don’t feel as irritable as I used to and I feel less anxious. This is pretty big for me as I have dealt with anxiety for some time and I am really happy to notice a difference.

2. I used to have an intense hunger that would hit me and I would scavenge anywhere and everywhere for food. What I have learned is that this is a sugar craving, often brought on from gluten in the diet. Apparently I needed that gluten fix! (For more on sugar addiction: I really like this article posted on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop, “Overcoming Sugar Addiction”)

3. I have more energy. I still don’t know if I feel this as a psychological effect of going gluten-free, or if I really do have more energy. Regardless, I’ll take it.

4. Change in my physique. I feel less bloated and have noticed some weight change (minimal). I feel lighter overall.

Going gluten-free hasn’t been as difficult as I originally anticipated. There are a lot of gluten-free options in the grocery stores and Jeff has been really supportive of using gluten-free alternatives in our daily meals.

4 thoughts on “going gluten free

  1. I have reduced my gluten intake for about 6 months before cutting it out completely about 5 months ago. Best thing I could have done for my stomach and the management of my CFS.

    A lot of the athletes I work with eat less gluten than the typical endurance athlete and that seems to agree with their performance :)



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