Love Thursday: Giving Thanks

The last time I lived in the United States I was 17 years old, but every American Thanksgiving I get a little pang in my heart to venture back for the annual holiday. I love holiday tradition, the family gathering, football on T.V., and the amazing spread of food on the table. I am also in favor of any holiday that allows us to pause in life and to give thanks to what we are grateful for and what we appreciate in our lives.

Here is a little glimpse of a Coolidge Thanksgiving in 1962 in Petersham, Massachusetts.


Thanksgiving 1962

This Love Thursday is dedicated to all of my American family and friends who are now eating Turkey, spending time together with family and friends, and giving thanks and gratitude.


This Thanksgiving I am thankful and grateful for:

  • Good health
  • A warm home while the snow is falling outside
  • A loving partner to share life with (Jeff)
  • Friendships new and old
  • A job I really like!
  • My immediate family (Dad, Mom, and Emily)
  • Living by the ocean

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Love Thursday: Giving Thanks

  1. Nice, Amanda. Yes, there is something really special and very deeply ingrained about American Thanksgiving. Everyone does the big family dinner on Thursday, if they can – Saturday or Sunday is second choice. The weather is fall weather and everyone tries to make it home to be with family.

    I had to laugh at your picture – how many hundreds of pictures, over the years, do we have of everyone in the family eating? They’re great, though.


  2. Dear Amanda,
    Your dad hinted that this blog was extra special and I agree. Love from Aunt Mary (one of the those sharing the turkey in this 1962 photo)


  3. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fave Canadian-American! Come on down for the feast one of these years:) It is a great holiday for sure, and the more, the merrier!


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