Seattle: Lifelong friends reunion

I was in Seattle this past weekend visiting lifelong friends, Corinne, Matt, Karalee, and Roland. Corinne flew from Washington, DC to Seattle earlier in the week to spend time with her brother, Matt, and Roland drove from Portland, Oregon for a visit.  I took the Clipper from downtown Victoria to downtown Seattle and while on the journey south I texted Emily to say that meeting up with Corinne, Matt, Karalee, and Roland was like going home. I first met Corinne and Matt Whiting 26 years (!) ago at the Canterbury Woods swimming pool (shout out to all you C serpents out there). We went elementary school and high school together and have remained close friends for all of these years. Apparently I have a theme of picking up friends at pools, because I met Roland 16 years (!) at the American Embassy Pool in Islamabad, Pakistan. He and his sister were the new kids in town and we quickly became fast friends laughing our way through History and Spanish classes.

I love spending time with these folks. Just as home has a familiar feel to it, so does meeting up with lifelong friends. There is that instant reconnection as though you never were apart. The laughter comes quickly and easily and even moments of silence feel golden.


Pike Place Market, Seattle WA

Together we shared great moments full of laughter, stories, beer(s), and great food. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to catch up either collectively or individually with these friends at least once a year and each time I say goodbye to one visit I instantly start brainstorming the next time I will get to see them.



Roland, Corinne, and Amber



Corinne, Karalee, Matt




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