Love Thursday: The Clean Bin Project

I  went to see a screening of the documentary “The Clean Bin Project” last night at Victoria’s Open Cinema. The documentary is about a Vancouver couple who decided to live ZERO waste for one year, no trash, no buying stuff, compost and recycle as much as possible. What started out as a competition between the two, to see who could consume the LEAST, turned into an epic journey of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

I was really inspired by the diligence Jen and Grant had in keeping to their goal. They made their own toothpaste, crackers, dish soap, used reusable containers when buying meat, fish, chicken; and shopped at local farmer’s markets as much as possible. As I watched the film I was thinking about the ways in which I try to limit my waste and consumption. I recycle, use cloth grocery bags, rarely (if EVER) buy water in plastic bottles, use a reusable coffee mug as often as I can, and rarely go shopping. Prior to seeing this film my family had decided that this year we are giving each other experiences for Christmas. We all agreed that we don’t need more stuff, but rather would like the gift of tickets to a sporting event, theatre production, art show, etc. Last year we started this trend with tickets to a hockey game and a fun-filled “day with mom” to a tea house.It was great and in many ways felt much more meaningful than a material gift.

Although it may sound like I do “enough”, I realized, from this film, that there is much more I can do, such as:

– Not use those pesky little plastic bags that you put your vegetables in at the store.

– Always have a coffee mug on hand. If I don’t have a mug on hand, don’t buy the coffee/tea.

– Drink filtered tap water. Always. No more plastic bottles.

– Figure out how to compost in an apartment building.

I’m always inspired by people who take on projects, such as the Clean Bin Project. People who seek to make a difference in their everyday lives and as a result impact a larger audience with their passionate project. Thanks Jen and Grant for a truly inspirational project and so glad that you are continuing your journey.

Happy Love Thursday!*

*Currently in a sinus headache fog so hope this post makes sense!*


One thought on “Love Thursday: The Clean Bin Project

  1. I love it! I never use those little plastic bags for vegetables and am a big fan of my worm compster on my apartment deck. But I could do a much better job with the coffee cups :) Challenge on!


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