Keeping in touch

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much I default to Facebook for “keeping in touch” with friends and family. The reality is I don’t really keep in touch. What I do is skim through the feeds, read the latest status updates of friends, and occasionally view their pictures. Oh and although I hate to admit it, I do the occasional Facebook creeping.
For awhile, I considered this “keeping in touch”.  Family and friends would ask me how someone was and I would respond with a status update report. “Oh she just had a baby and the baby doesn’t like to sleep” or “Apparently he loves his new city, looks like he parties a lot”. By defaulting to Facebook for my way of keeping in touch I am just skimming the surface of how my friends are doing and not getting the full story.

This is exactly why I have decided to become better at keeping in touch with friends. Here are some ways I plan to be better at this:

1.    Send more hand written notes or cards. (Just mailed 3 out today!)
2.    Email friends and family regularly. No more one sentence updates, I really want to know how each person is doing.
3.    Pick up the phone and call. (Spoke with my Nana last night and BF in Ontario this weekend!) Great chats and catch-ups.
4.    As much as possible, visit. If it isn’t too far or too expensive, I want to make more of an effort to visit friends. (Seattle trip booked this weekend !)


Candle at Wine Bar in Dallas




One thought on “Keeping in touch

  1. So, so true and exactly the reason I decided to abandon FB altogether. Too surface-y, no real connections and just a big time waster. So, here’s to more phone calls, letters and, hopefully, visits! ;)


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