A BIG ole Texan Reunion

I am not even sure where to begin when describing our Texan holiday (which we are still on). As I mentioned before this is the first time I have met Jeff’s side of the family and it has been so amazing. Jeff’s father, Colin, married a fabulous woman, Margaret, who is from Texas hence the Dallas connection. Seven family members flew in from Australia and Jeff and I flew in from Victoria, all for Colin’s birthday celebrations. Such a generous, warm, loving, caring, and receptive family.  When we arrived at the hotel on Friday and Karen, his sister, was waiting for us at lobby. I felt like I was witnessing a scene from the opening of the movie “Love Actually”. You know that scene. It’s at Heathrow Airport where people welcome each other, hug, cry and instantly reconnect. The minute you see that first scene in the movie you know exactly the feelings that are emerging from the family and friends present at the airport. Such was the greeting we received.

It has been an awesome couple of days filled with laughter, stories, and of course the opportunity to understand where Jeff comes from, which I think is so important, to really understand and know where someone you love originates from and the stories of their heritage.

Here are some highlights of the trip:

1.    First greeting of family at the airport, hotel, and the condo.
2.    Late night laughter and party with everyone.
3.    Birthday celebrations!
4.    Getting schooled in the art of Snooker. I am starting to think that Jeff and his sisters were brought up in bar, solid “hold your own” drinkers and amazing Snooker players.
5.    Watching the family heritage DVD put together by Donna’s (Jeff sister’s) daughter in law.
6.    Hearing stories of Jeff’s nieces and nephews.
7.    Taste of Texan BBQ.
8.    Cake balls. If you have never had a cake ball, you are seriously missing out.
9.    Laughter and stories (both of which I love).
10.    Reconnection and reunions.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends and in some form, have the chance to reconnect with family this weekend.


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