Love Thursday: Airplane RIDES!

I’ve been MIA on the blog lately and really there is no reason behind it other than I just haven’t felt like posting. But I know that many peeps out there like to know what the Love Thursday is for each week, so I feel indebted to my loyal fans (*cough cough* Dad and Rhiannon) that I post a Love Thursday for today!

Next week Jeff and I are heading to Dallas, TX to visit his Dad and Stepmother (Margaret) for his Dad’s birthday. His sister, Karen and her husband Richard, are flying over from Australia for the big festivities and I think it is going to be a blast.  This will be my very first time meeting any of Jeff’s family! Can you believe it? So of course I am looking forward to visiting, getting to know Jeff’s family, hearing hilarious and embarrassing stories of Jeff growing up, etc. But another thing I am really looking forward to is… the plane ride.

I love gearing up for a plane ride. I love the time spent on a plane when you can sit back and read a book, or a magazine, listen to that podcast you have been waiting to listen to, or watch a movie. I get excited thinking about which book I will take on the plane and the anticipation of which movies will be on the small screen. When we were kids and my parents had us flying all over the world, we were allowed to pack a “fun bag” for each trip. We put all sorts of goodies in these bags coloring books, crayons, a Walkman, books, mix tapes you name it we stuffed it in our fun bag. (I remember one plane ride packing fingernail polish, because I thought it would be so “cool” to paint my fingernails at 40,0000 feet. The polish was quickly taken away from me because, as you can imagine, the smell of the polish reeked across the entire plane).

So here’s to the solitude of airplane rides and the opportunity to sit back read a much anticipated book!


Flickr Photo Credit: Casey




5 thoughts on “Love Thursday: Airplane RIDES!

  1. Excuse me, I feel that I too should have been included in your fan base. Seriously…! ;)

    Plus, you are getting me to rethink the plane ride which I, typically, do not enjoy. But, maybe that can change even more than it has been after reading your blog?!?


  2. Yes you are all fans, I know :) Just Dad and Rhiannon seem to be the ones who ask where Love Thursday is – they keep me on my game


  3. I’m a loyal fan too! Don’t forget me! :)
    Who took away the nail polish?? LOL.
    Cindy or a stewardess? I can just see the young you so deflated when your master nail-painting plan was foiled….:(
    Another great Love Thursday!


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