Love Thursday: Authenticity

It’s ironic at times how words or phrases sometimes come into our lives more days or weeks than before. Like those words are whispering in your ear, PAY ATTENTION! This past week the word “authenticity” has been fairly present in my life. Reading Brene Brown’s The Gift of Imperfection, I resonate so much with her advice at being authentic to who you really are, imperfections and all. When I spoke with a good friend last week and she needed advice, I was struggling to find the words to really help her with her situation, but finally said, well the best thing I can tell you is to be true to yourself in this situation, be authentic.

Author Karen Walrond and author of one of my favorite blogs, recently published a book called the Beauty of Different, almost out in stores. She has started a blog associated with her book Own Your Beauty ( ) and in her latest post she says: grab a pen and paper, and list everything you love to do that fills you with joy and/or grace.

Well here it goes. To owning my own beauty, being authentic, and true to myself.

1.       Morning coffee

2.       Airport greetings

3.       Reading favorite blogs

4.       Reading and writing emails

5.       Catching up with friends

6.       Laughing

7.       Being outdoors

8.       Sitting or walking on the beach

9.       Travelling

10.   Reading

11.   Painting in my art journal

12.   Drinking wine

13.   Sitting on balconies

14.   Hanging with friends

15.   Walking

16.   Being goofy

17.   Watching live music or performances

18.   Smiling

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