I have been thinking a lot lately about the act of unplugging. I hear it all the time in podcasts and read it across various blogs. There are those who have gone to the extreme and actually taken a “digital sabbatical” (no Twitter, no Facebook, no Email). I am not sure I can go to that extreme but I do love the weekends or days or even hours where I am unplugged.

This weekend Jeff and I completely unplugged. We left Victoria on Friday morning and drove to Tofino for the weekend. Our intention was to go surfing all day Saturday, but there was a massive storm going through Tofino and unless we were going to recreate scenes from the movie “Pointbreak” there was NO way I was getting out there to try surfing. In many ways I think the storm was a blessing. It forced me to slow down, to take the time to be indoors. We read, napped, enjoyed each other’s company, chilled, had drinks at Longbeach Resort and watched the storm, and watched movies.

Starfish outside Ucluelet Aquarium

On our drive home I felt completely recharged as though I had “plugged” myself in to some zen battery. As a result of our completely restful weekend Jeff suggested that we pick one weekend a month where we unplug. We don’t have to travel somewhere (all of the time), but we want to be conscious of not being tied to the computer. I am really looking forward to those weekends!!

Sign of Fall

3 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Great words and thoughts! I can hear it now…. Q: “Hey, what are Jeff and Amanda up to on Friday?” A: “Oh, they’re unplugged this weekend!”


  2. Awesome blog! They say technology changes the way our brains can process information. So, maybe by unplugging every now and again, we will be able to process more efficiently and with a more clear mind. Very cool post.


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