Amazing gathering of women

I had such an awesome experience on Saturday night. I was invited to a friend’s house for what can only be described as the AMAZING WOMEN GATHERING. She invited 10 of her female friends, friends who inspire her daily (and yes I was so flattered to be a part of this group), and each friend was to bring an object with them that represented their unique feminine gift.

When I saw the first email invitation I was in a rush, as usual, and just skimmed through the invite. Regardless of what the details were I knew I was going to go to the gathering. So I read the invite as “bring an object that represents you, as a woman”. I thought about this quite a lot- more than necessary.  I actually thought of the typical objects that represent women. Tampons, bras, jewelry, make up- everything EXTERNAL to a woman. Something just didn’t feel right. Was this really what we were supposed to bring?

I returned from holidays and re-read the email, carefully, this time and came to realize that the meaning of the gathering was to share an object that represented our unique feminine gifts.  Again, I thought about this quite a lot. I looked around my house for objects, but after days of wondering what to bring I realized that I shouldn’t be searching for an object I needed to write down what I believe are my unique feminine gifts and the object would then present itself.  After mulling this over and creating a mental list of my unique gifts I decided to bring my journal. It houses my insecurities, dreams, doubts, worries, happiness, wishes, hopes, and creative expression. (I actually substituted my journal, at the last moment, for my favourite book, which in so many ways has shaped the course of my life.)

The gathering of women can only be described as one of the best community circles I have ever been a part of. Each woman carefully brought out their object and told a story. We listened intently, in some cases on the edge of our seats as the stories unfolded. We sat, together this circle, for 4 1/2 hours. There was laughter and sometimes tears, but most of all there was an enormous sense and gratitude for the gathering that was created.  To retell each story is difficult because, as is the case with most powerful experiences, you really have to be there.

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