Love Thursday: My top 10 of this year’s holiday

Phew. Deep breath. Finally getting around to a Love Thursday post tonight!

This Love Thursday is dedicated to my great week (last week) on PEI visiting my family and enjoying some downtime with Jeff and everyone at the cottage.

Here is my top 10 list from this year’s cottage holiday on PEI:

1. Morning Yoga with Dad and Rodney Yee (Rodney’s the dude who hosts the DVD Yoga series for beginners- loved it).

2. Daily walks with Mom, even on the day of Hurricane Earl.

3. Dinner and visit with the fam, great to spend time with everyone (Jake, Kaylee, Paula, Sandy).

4. Trip to Victoria with Sandy, Mom, and Jeff- thank goodness we returned those earrings!

5. Lunch with Nana- just some 1-1 time together, listening to stories and eating fish n’ chips.

6. Daily happy hour on the deck (when it wasn’t raining)… so let’s change that from daily to… the ONE DAY.

7. Naps.

8. Chill time with Jeff, NO Ironman training involved (!)

9. Scallops. Man I love scallops.

10. PEI Ice cream. I wish they delivered out West.

**Pics to come soon- sorry for the delay!**


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