love thursday: new music from an old friend

I’m giddy just thinking about my after work drink with my good friend Laura who is in town from Calgary. She is originally from Victoria, well specifically off Victoria  (Salt Spring Island), but I think she has a strong love affair with Victoria. I haven’t seen her in a year and when we do get together it feels like we haven’t left each others side. We fall back into conversation and laughter, we quickly update each other on our lives, and then I like to think we just dream together, telling each other what we wish for most in life. She dreams of moving back to Victoria and I dream of having kids. Kind of ironic that I am the one living in Victoria and she is the one with 3 little ones.

Laura has also introduced me to a great artist “Florence + the Machine”, who just happens to be on the Eat Pray Love soundtrack, but Laura would like everyone to know that she discovered Florence + the Machine, NOT Julia Roberts. Trust me Laura, you’re the one with the keen music sense, not Julia.

Enjoy the tunes and hope you have the chance to catch up with an old friend this week or weekend.


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