Happy Birthday Emily!!!

The first time I met my sister I told my parents that she winked at me. She was lying in her little crib in the hospital and I was sure she had winked directly at me, as if to say “I’m here now and let the adventure begin”!


Today is Emily’s birthday. We weren’t always the best of friends. We used to be typical sisters, fighting over car space on long trips, arguing about tv channels, and having EPIC fights over a ridiculous game of backgammon. Fortunately today I can call Emily more than just a sister; she is my best friend, confidante, and one of the most amazing women in my life. People often ask us if we are twins and secretly my heart warms to this compliment, knowing that we look alike or have the same mannerisms. To me, Emily is one of the most beautiful women I know and hearing someone ask us if we are twins makes me proud to be similar to her.

Emily has a just do it attitude. She has always been smart and a real problem solver, with little eccentricities thrown in there. When we were kids she LOVED making first aid kits. She also loved climbing trees and hanging croquet mallets from the tree branches, how’s that for eccentricity?  Emily is one of a kind. Not the kind that goes along with the crowd or the kind that follows the path well traveled. She is brave and outgoing, courageous and hardworking, thoughtful and supportive. Emily makes me laugh and together we can go into complete giggle fits over something very simple.

As we have grown together we have been there for each other in times of sadness and happiness. She supports me in my adventures and I support her in hers. She reigns me in when perhaps my eyes are bigger than my capabilities and she can sternly tell me like it is when I need that good kick in the pants.

There isn’t anyone else in this world that I would want to call my sister. I am proud to say that together we are the “Coolidge girls”. Happy Birthday Emily !!!


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