Love Thursday: How to be Alone

This video created by Halifax artist Tanya Davis has been floating around the art cyberspace world for the last week and I just love it. I love it because I do find it hard to be alone, to not gravitate to checking my text messages as I sit alone in a cafe (acting like I have important business). I love it because it does feel like society doesn’t want us to be alone, but rather encourages us to always being around others, even if we don’t really want to be with those others.  Being alone and in one’s own presence is hard at first and to be honest I still strive to be comfortable with myself, to not feel like I should be doing something productive. I’m still working at it and this video is a great reminder of loving one’s aloneness.

3 thoughts on “Love Thursday: How to be Alone

  1. Just a bit of background on Tanya Davis, She’s from PEI, Her mother grew up around the corner from us on Duke St.
    (There’s always a PEI connection)


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