Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my Dad’s birthday. I really wish I was there in PEI to be with him today. To enjoy sunshine on the deck, go for a swim, and drink a glass of wine before a tasty lobster supper.

My Dad has always been such a character in my life. He makes me laugh, gives great hugs, and can often catch you off guard with very heartful notes/letters. I get my sense of adventure and spontaneity from my Dad. Growing up we moved to various countries around the world and each time we would move somewhere it seemed we were going deeper and deeper into the thick of Developing Countries. I never understood why he always chose posts that were considered “hardship” posts. He said to me one time, “Well in Agriculture [his field] it is much more exciting and rewarding to be working in a Developing Nation than to be sitting at a desk in Europe”. His career took us to extremely interesting places and now looking back on those adventures I can’t imagine my life in any other light.

There are so many funny stories that my Dad and I share- lots of inside family jokes. When he played with us as kids there was always an imaginative piece thrown in there. Car games included: If our dog had an accent what accent would he have? If you had to describe yourself in meteorological terms how would you describe your character? There were many incidents where my sister, Dad, and I would end an adventure with “don’t tell Mom”. HA! He has taught us Coolidge girls the intricacies of most sports. Between my Mom and I we can name most NFL players, and we all have an acute awareness of the VALUE of March Madness and the famous two-dollar pool. Thanks to Dad’s sport knowledge I can generally answer most trivia questions related to sports and can manage to banter back and forth about big games and big names.

So Dad on your special day today I want you to know that I am thinking of you across the country and reminiscing of our adventures and many spontaneous moments that to be honest, I thought were absurd at first, but always turned into a laugh. You are always there for Emily and I when we need to talk about finances (your favorite) or need a helpful hand in making big purchases and life decisions.

And remember, you always have us for your “two-man” jobs.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!!

    1. Frank is definitely a charactor and I like charactors. He has provided many a laugh for me with some of his planned or more often unplanned antics. Those observations of others “they are probably from Chicago and never had seafood” are legendary in our family. He loves introspection games, what he really wants is the chance to tell you how he’d describe himself in meterological terms because unlike most of us he has actually given this some thought. He’ll cut you short if he is done listening but it was probably time to stop anyway. The boy likes his sports on TV and absorbs a lot of the banter I guess, who else knows the back-up guard at San Lusi Obispo went to HS in Missouri and scored 13 points 2 weeks ago Wednesday?


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