Love Thursday: Jobs

You know when you come across someone who is REALLY good at their job and you think “yah I could do that job!”  I have that sometimes where I really value the way in which someone does their job that I honestly think that perhaps I could try that career. My friend, Dana, would say “See Amanda this is EXACTLY what I mean when I say you suffer from the grass is greener syndrome”.

This Love Thursday is dedicated to those who I have encountered this week who make me consider (for a slight moment) a career change. (Trust me though it isn’t going to happen. I truly do love what I do.)

Thanks to those who love their job or at least come across that they love their job and therefore make their job appear seamless. Here are those people who I encountered this week:

1. Librarian (for the act of categorizing, searching, finding resources for people, and of course being surrounded by books all day).

2. Coffee shop attendee (for your constant smile and welcoming attitude, and the fact that you get to smell coffee each morning and make YUMMY cinnamon buns).

3. Triathlete (your sheer dedication to a sport and your ability to push yourself to the edge each day).

4. Guides at Ocean River Sports (Seriously, best summer job EVAH. Surrounded by water all day. Sunshine. Playing in boats and teaching people new skills).

5. Mail Carrier. (You must get an amazing workout each day and of course you get to be outside everyday).


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