Weekend review in pictures

Reading! Thanks to a twitter response I came across this book. Loving it!
I WON! An Art Journal blog I followed picked my entry for their latest contest, still not sure what I win, but will keep you posted.
Took a 3 hour Stand Up Paddling Course at Ocean River Sports. Really enjoyed being on the water all morning and learning a new sport.
The instructor took a snapshot of me in the red PFD. For the record, I am standing toward the back of the board in an attempt to make it flip. The instructor wanted us to practice falling in the water.
Golf. Yes, I took a golf lesson at the driving range on Sunday. The reason? It's my Dad's birthday in August and when I go visit him in September I thought a nice gift would be to play a round of golf together. But first, I want to actually KNOW what the heck I am doing out there- hence the lessons. (Image credit: Flickr, http://goo.gl/xbD8 )

(Of course what is not pictured is the boring stuff. Grocery shopping, running errands, working on contract work, and cleaning the apartment).

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