Wednesday’s Toast

One of my favorite daily reads, Mighty Girl, writes a weekly post called “Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday“. The idea is that every Wednesday she toasts to something. I don’t plan on making this a weekly ritual, but I wanted to posted something today and am having a bit of writer’s block or more like idea’s block and thought this was a good way to get a post out there!

A toast to...

Here’s to:

  • Visiting my friend with her four big dogs (2 Labs and 2 Newfoundlanders). Full of love, smiley faces, and big paws.
  • Life moving on in so many ways.
  • Text messages from Jeff that make me swoon.
  • Sunshine and HOT days!
  • Going home to leftovers (dinner’s made and I don’t have to think of what to make!)
  • Being brave.

What are you toasting to?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Toast

  1. ~the resources and freedom to pick a country on our globe and explore it for a wee while
    ~reunions in incredible places with some of my friend soulmates
    ~coming back from travel with my eyes opened and my senses heightened..seeing home in a whole new light
    ~friends and family who make me feel loved and missed upon my return
    ~sleep agents (just Tylenol PM, don’t worry:)) that help me slowly emerge from my jet-lagged fog
    ~living in a country where websites are not blocked and I can read wonderful blogs like YOURS!


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